Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Just Like Us

When my mom talks about the couple that purchased my parents' home, the same thought always goes through my head, "They're just like us."

Never in their wildest dreams did they think they would own a home like that, and when we go around looking at homes, we often feel the same way.

They have a toddler and are awaiting baby number two. Now, Shelby is not a toddler yet, but we know the anxiety of having an increasingly active child and another on his or her way.

They are young professionals who boworred to their limit and then some to make their dream come true. And I can hear in my parents' voices that they worry about that despite not trying to. Just like parents' everywhere do.

When the realtors told my parents to "sell the house as is," they meant don't fix the hole my brothers put in the wall almost 10 years ago or the ceiling leak from the shower that had been present as long as I could remember. My dad couldn't live with that because, "people like Kristen and Jeff" could get over a bad paint choice, but those repairs would appear too daunting. So the ceiling and wall were patched.

I'm not at all surprised my parents sold the house to a couple just like Jeff and I. And this couple is not that different from my parents in 1983 either. When a bidding war unexpectedly broke out over the house, God must have allowed that to happen in order to let this family move into our old family home and show my parents how much they wanted it for their own. And once that was done, I know my parents feel better knowing the people who were just like us, just wanting a better life for their children and hopefully trusting in God that it will happen.

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