Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Youngest Grocer In America

As we all think of lent as a time of fasting and depriving ourselves. Let us not forget it should be a time of selfless acts and caring for others. We are all called to look out for our brothers. This is the inspiring story of how one young man did just that. His Father is heaven is smiling and proud.

Some Info for Lent

At her site: Danielle has an interesting thread about being pregnant or nursing and fasting.

And Rachel had a thoughtful post yesterday about abstinence and fasting while she's pregnant with number 5. (And check out her great picture at 15 weeks!)

My mom, ever observant, emailed all her kids today to remind us about abstaining and fasting. As a nursing and pregnant mom, I have been excused from fasting again this year. I am abstaining from meat and using my one to two servings of fish to substitute for protein and peanut butter sandwiches as well.

I am reminded that fasting is about devotion and so I am not feeling guilty about "breaking the fast." Instead I am giving God audience through careful attention to my daughter and also prayers for other young mothers in much more peril than I am.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our house is a Very Fine House

It's a fixer upper and it's on the market.
It's priced low, a lot of house for the money in a desirable location.
It was my home for 23 years. I raised four children in that house.
It gave us shelter
and it's walls hallow the echoes of
our family joy, tears, hopes, fears, work, sleep and play.
Stories were told, songs were sung, meals were shared,
fights were fought and forgiveness was found.
Many a prayer was prayed.
Life and love happened.
That's how it goes for families.

It's time for us to begin a new phase of our lives in another city.

The house needs updating, but it's a good house.
St. Joseph was a carpenter.
Perhaps a young carpenter will find this house, buy it
adorn it with his family and make it beautiful.

I ask for God to send us a buyer for our home.
I ask him to bless him and his family.
I pray that love will abound in that house.
I ask for St. Joseph's intercession on my behalf
for grace for my family, and the speedy sale of my house. Amen.

For more on St. Joseph:

Monday, February 12, 2007

St Valentine

Now I know that the person of St Valentine is up for debate. I know he is more legend than fact. But I love the idea of a saint who watches over men and women who love one another romantically.

I have been married a few years now, so I realize just how romantic your spouse can be especially at 3:30 in the morning when he is calling you over the baby monitor for back-up because this poopy diaper is out of control. That being said, I have found over the last week as both Jeff and I have been sick we are probably more in love than we have been for a long time.

We won't be exchanging gifts this February 14. After all, when Shelby was born we gave each other the greatest gift God could provide.

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

But what about those Dads

Danielle Bean is having a great thread at her site today. It's all about husbands and fathers. Which makes me think of so many of the saints who serve as great examples of fathers and husbands. I am reminded, of course, of St Joseph who raised the Son of God as his own. He trusted God enough to wed Mary despite how things "appeared." He found a place for her to give birth and knocked on endless doors, knowing what the answer would be, but trying for his wife and child. I am also fond of St Joachim, the father of Mary. Imagine the shock after the sadness of not having any children to finding out your wife is carrying the mother of our Lord. What an act of faith! This of course was not the first time something like this had happened--remember Abraham and Sarah-- but still it is a startling revelation.

I know I am cutting this list short, but there is a real idea here. Mothers are almost always better mothers with a father to back them up. We should not forget that.