Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Our house is a Very Fine House

It's a fixer upper and it's on the market.
It's priced low, a lot of house for the money in a desirable location.
It was my home for 23 years. I raised four children in that house.
It gave us shelter
and it's walls hallow the echoes of
our family joy, tears, hopes, fears, work, sleep and play.
Stories were told, songs were sung, meals were shared,
fights were fought and forgiveness was found.
Many a prayer was prayed.
Life and love happened.
That's how it goes for families.

It's time for us to begin a new phase of our lives in another city.

The house needs updating, but it's a good house.
St. Joseph was a carpenter.
Perhaps a young carpenter will find this house, buy it
adorn it with his family and make it beautiful.

I ask for God to send us a buyer for our home.
I ask him to bless him and his family.
I pray that love will abound in that house.
I ask for St. Joseph's intercession on my behalf
for grace for my family, and the speedy sale of my house. Amen.

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