Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some Info for Lent

At her site: Danielle has an interesting thread about being pregnant or nursing and fasting.

And Rachel had a thoughtful post yesterday about abstinence and fasting while she's pregnant with number 5. (And check out her great picture at 15 weeks!)

My mom, ever observant, emailed all her kids today to remind us about abstaining and fasting. As a nursing and pregnant mom, I have been excused from fasting again this year. I am abstaining from meat and using my one to two servings of fish to substitute for protein and peanut butter sandwiches as well.

I am reminded that fasting is about devotion and so I am not feeling guilty about "breaking the fast." Instead I am giving God audience through careful attention to my daughter and also prayers for other young mothers in much more peril than I am.

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