Tuesday, February 6, 2007

But what about those Dads

Danielle Bean is having a great thread at her site today. It's all about husbands and fathers. Which makes me think of so many of the saints who serve as great examples of fathers and husbands. I am reminded, of course, of St Joseph who raised the Son of God as his own. He trusted God enough to wed Mary despite how things "appeared." He found a place for her to give birth and knocked on endless doors, knowing what the answer would be, but trying for his wife and child. I am also fond of St Joachim, the father of Mary. Imagine the shock after the sadness of not having any children to finding out your wife is carrying the mother of our Lord. What an act of faith! This of course was not the first time something like this had happened--remember Abraham and Sarah-- but still it is a startling revelation.

I know I am cutting this list short, but there is a real idea here. Mothers are almost always better mothers with a father to back them up. We should not forget that.

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