Friday, March 30, 2007

It's done.

Well it's done.
Our house now belongs to another family.
It feels so unreal.
I always felt that God's grace saved that house for us.
Let me explain.
In 1983 I had just given birth to my third child Matthew, a preemie. On a house hunting trip, we found a home in the neighborhood that we liked, but the job situation was not yet secured. A few weeks later, the house had been sold. There were not many homes on the market. Our house was on the main road, with "for sale" sign in front of it, but it did not appear in the multiple listing book. (a real book back in the day). Defeated and driving back to Virginia, we drove past the house one more time. The sign was still there. We wrote down the agents number and drove to a pay phone to call our agent. (mobile phones were not a staple back then.) We sat in the car awaiting the return call from our agent. As it turned out, the listing agent was a neighbor. The sellers had moved on to Texas, and thier old friend had forgotten to renew the listing. We wrote an offer in the driveway and the sellers accepted.
The house was ours.
Held for us by the Lord.
We are ever grateful for the shelter it gave us and the life that happened within it's walls.
May God Bless the new family as they begin their new chapter.

A New Chapter

Dear Lord,
I give you praise and thanks for all of your grace and goodness.
Forgive me my sins.
Bless my bittersweet heart today
as we sign the papers
that transfer ownership of our
home, our haven, our sanctuary,
that place of familiarity and comfort for
the last 23 years and 3 months
to a new young family.
May the walls hallow the specters of family love.
May the angels guard and protect all who enter,
and may You Dear Lord, continue to bless us all
as we journey into a new chapter.
I ask through the
Name of the Father, and of the Son And of the Holy Spirit,

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Side Bar Review

Over at Mom to the Screaming Masses, Carmen is having a frank discussion about using the handicapped stall in public restrooms for children. You can read my response to it there (the long and short, I'm against taking my children into public restrooms and prefer to use malls that offer family restrooms so I'm not really for or against it, but don't feel that neither families nor the disabled should feel entitled to the stall and no one should expect NOT to wait).

Since finding Carmen's site a few days ago, I have been visiting frequently. Carmen reminds me a lot of my mom and myself. She does not make apologies for her parenting or her faith. She wholeheartedly believes in inclusion for public school, Catholic school and home schooled Catholic families. I have really enjoyed reading her take on life.
I hope you'll go and visit and see for yourself.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Side Bar Review

I've decided to do a few profiles of sites in our side bar.

I'm starting today with our most recent addition, Regina Doman's blog.

I purchased Regina's book Angel in the Waters while pregnant with Shelby and fell in love with the story. I later mourned the loss of her son Joshua in a tragic accident. I recently ventured over to her blog as I was thinking while I was pregnant I would love to know more about the woman who had written such a beautiful story of love and life.

Doman's blog is full of motherhood moments as well as Catholic ones. Her writing style is accessable and there is such a beauty to me in how she presents ideas. Her topics give me the sense she is a gentle and kind mother. Just the kind of woman who would write the book of an unborn baby and his angel.

I don't know how peaceful the web can make one feel in this high-tech fast-paced world of ours, but I have started visiting Regina's site to regain a sense of beauty, peace and refreshing insight. I hope you will visit and experience the same.

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Few Words About my Friend Brownie

Brownie has been removed from our sidebar links not because of anything she has done or didn't do. Brownie is no longer blogging and deleted all of her old blogging material. She is a devoted Catholic wife and mother who has a child with autism. She has not given a reason for discontinuing her blogging, so I respectfully have not asked. Please offer up your prayers in case it is a difficulty in her life too great to bear that has caused her to stop. I felt that it was only fair to let people know why she was being removed. If she resumes blogging, I will post a new link.

That being said, I was recently added and then dropped from a friend's blogging links (for my other blog) because I work outside of the home and do not oppose public education and give it equal footing with home schooling. The owner of said blog that I was dropped from did not herself have an objection to my views or life, but one of her readers did and voiced the opinion repeatedly and loudly. Too bad. To that reader I offer you the option to comment on my posts both at my other blog and here. I feel your opinions are valid and would like you to express them. To more than just the owner of one blog. I may even add you to my side bar!

We are all Catholic mothers doing what is best for our individual families. May God continue to bless us all!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

Our House is a Very, Very ,Very Fine House

Praise and thanksgiving to our gracious God and thank you St Joseph.
Our house generated a lot of interest with 19 showings in three days and 4 offers on the fourth day in which two buyers wanted the house. It was such a blessing to have such interest. The house is not as pretty as it might be, we had other priorities. But it's a good house, it's a fine house. I feel so blessed that so many people wanted it. I feel good in fact. The market is currently in a slump. I was humiliated when I had my real estate agent (and my friend) come through to give me advice on how best to prioritize the endless list of things that will improve the appearance. To my horror she came back and said "just keep it clean and de clutter so that people can see the space." I did as she instructed. I tried to accentuate the good points. I felt quite humble, perhaps a little embarrassed. I prayed. I bought a little statue of St. Joseph and placed it in the kitchen window. My husband and I have said the prayer every day since with our confidence and trust in God. Our closing is scheduled for march 30. We priced the house low with fairness in mind. I am reminded of the scripture that states "the last shall be first." My cup runneth over.