Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Side Bar Review

Over at Mom to the Screaming Masses, Carmen is having a frank discussion about using the handicapped stall in public restrooms for children. You can read my response to it there (the long and short, I'm against taking my children into public restrooms and prefer to use malls that offer family restrooms so I'm not really for or against it, but don't feel that neither families nor the disabled should feel entitled to the stall and no one should expect NOT to wait).

Since finding Carmen's site a few days ago, I have been visiting frequently. Carmen reminds me a lot of my mom and myself. She does not make apologies for her parenting or her faith. She wholeheartedly believes in inclusion for public school, Catholic school and home schooled Catholic families. I have really enjoyed reading her take on life.
I hope you'll go and visit and see for yourself.

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