Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A Few Words About my Friend Brownie

Brownie has been removed from our sidebar links not because of anything she has done or didn't do. Brownie is no longer blogging and deleted all of her old blogging material. She is a devoted Catholic wife and mother who has a child with autism. She has not given a reason for discontinuing her blogging, so I respectfully have not asked. Please offer up your prayers in case it is a difficulty in her life too great to bear that has caused her to stop. I felt that it was only fair to let people know why she was being removed. If she resumes blogging, I will post a new link.

That being said, I was recently added and then dropped from a friend's blogging links (for my other blog) because I work outside of the home and do not oppose public education and give it equal footing with home schooling. The owner of said blog that I was dropped from did not herself have an objection to my views or life, but one of her readers did and voiced the opinion repeatedly and loudly. Too bad. To that reader I offer you the option to comment on my posts both at my other blog and here. I feel your opinions are valid and would like you to express them. To more than just the owner of one blog. I may even add you to my side bar!

We are all Catholic mothers doing what is best for our individual families. May God continue to bless us all!

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