Sunday, March 4, 2007

Our House is a Very, Very ,Very Fine House

Praise and thanksgiving to our gracious God and thank you St Joseph.
Our house generated a lot of interest with 19 showings in three days and 4 offers on the fourth day in which two buyers wanted the house. It was such a blessing to have such interest. The house is not as pretty as it might be, we had other priorities. But it's a good house, it's a fine house. I feel so blessed that so many people wanted it. I feel good in fact. The market is currently in a slump. I was humiliated when I had my real estate agent (and my friend) come through to give me advice on how best to prioritize the endless list of things that will improve the appearance. To my horror she came back and said "just keep it clean and de clutter so that people can see the space." I did as she instructed. I tried to accentuate the good points. I felt quite humble, perhaps a little embarrassed. I prayed. I bought a little statue of St. Joseph and placed it in the kitchen window. My husband and I have said the prayer every day since with our confidence and trust in God. Our closing is scheduled for march 30. We priced the house low with fairness in mind. I am reminded of the scripture that states "the last shall be first." My cup runneth over.

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