Friday, March 30, 2007

It's done.

Well it's done.
Our house now belongs to another family.
It feels so unreal.
I always felt that God's grace saved that house for us.
Let me explain.
In 1983 I had just given birth to my third child Matthew, a preemie. On a house hunting trip, we found a home in the neighborhood that we liked, but the job situation was not yet secured. A few weeks later, the house had been sold. There were not many homes on the market. Our house was on the main road, with "for sale" sign in front of it, but it did not appear in the multiple listing book. (a real book back in the day). Defeated and driving back to Virginia, we drove past the house one more time. The sign was still there. We wrote down the agents number and drove to a pay phone to call our agent. (mobile phones were not a staple back then.) We sat in the car awaiting the return call from our agent. As it turned out, the listing agent was a neighbor. The sellers had moved on to Texas, and thier old friend had forgotten to renew the listing. We wrote an offer in the driveway and the sellers accepted.
The house was ours.
Held for us by the Lord.
We are ever grateful for the shelter it gave us and the life that happened within it's walls.
May God Bless the new family as they begin their new chapter.

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