Friday, June 22, 2007


How do we teach our children to be kind, compassionate and caring people?

Do we read them stories of Jesus? Do we take them with us when we perform charitable acts? Do we speak kind words to friends, strangers and enemies alike? Do we model being this kind of person every day of our lives?

Pretty much you have to do all that and more.

Today I saw this. And I thank Lynn Johnston for being so open about how people who are different in any way continue to be treated.

My goal as a mother is not just to raise my own kind, caring and compassionate children, but to be a model of this to other children and adults as well. I hope that the children I raise here at home will be examples all their lives of how to treat others. It's a tall order, but the more of us parents that do it, the sooner our world will change....for the better.

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