Sunday, December 16, 2007

Advent 2007 Letter

Dear friends and family and strangers,

I bid you tidings of peace and all good!

2007 unrolled with some big changes for our family
On Jan 4th Grandpa Ben departed Earth for eternity at the throne of Grace. He was 95.

In March Mike and I sold our north Raleigh home of 23 years and moved to North Durham. Our new home is encircled by a river and a golf course, so hopefully the car dealerships will not find us this time. Mike spent six weeks on his back in the early part of the year with a back injury. He is better now(except for his blood pressure and cholesterol). These are the adventures of being almost 50.

We enjoy taking long starlight walks on the golf course with our dog, Cabo.
In June ours sons joined us for a Disneyworld vacation with extended family.
September brought us the birth of our grandson, Joseph Patrick aka Joepa who has added to our joy wrought by 17 month old Shelby.
Kristen and Jeff are parents to Shelby and Joey and live and work near Wilmington,NC.
Mike the son lives in Raleigh and works at NC State.
Matt graduated from NC State this spring. He lives in Raleigh and works at NC State.
Mike and Matt are good sons loyal to their parents’ needs.
Ben is a sophomore at Belmont Abbey. His wrestling season was cut short by a knee injury that required surgery. He is currently “rehabbing”. He has of late been attending to the bedside of his sick cousin and his cousins siblings who live in Denver, NC near Charlotte and Belmont Abbey.

Thanksgiving was at my house this year but not by my design. The plan had been for Mike and I to travel to NY. We were to spend the first part of the week in Cherry valley with Mike’s family and the later part of the week with my family in Allegany. We had a party planned for my parents’ 50th Anniversary on 11/23. Just prior to the week of Thanksgiving we received word that my brother Jim’s son, our godson, Andy was diagnosed with a malignant inoperable brain tumor. Within hours the decision was made to cancel the party and move Thanksgiving to my house. Andy’s care is being provided by Duke, so he was in town. Over the four day weekend 27 people slept in my house. we fried 3 Turkeys for thanksgiving. The 50th Anniversary dinner was at Golden Corral, the cake was yellow with chocolate frosting(really good), and the finale was a stroll through the Walmart down the streetJ We joked about being Jeff Foxworthy material. It was a peaceful time of grace and thanksgiving for one another.

Circumstances such as these illuminate the priorities in life. None of us really knows what the morrow will bring. Now is the only time that we are assured of. Now is the time to live, to love, to laugh, to cry, and most of all- to pray. God willing our prayer for a miracle in steadfast faith be granted.

In this season of grace, may the Peace of God, which surpasses all understanding guard over your hearts and minds in Jesus Christ. Phil4

Merry Christmas! Happy New Year!


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