Wednesday, January 30, 2008

To Be or not To Be- Catholic

I have been asked to sponsor a young man for the Sacrament of Confirmation.
"I am ready and really want to go through with this, But I'll always have questions," he says.

"Me too," I assert.

"But isn't that the point?"I ask. "Isn't the paradox of faith that there is no physical, rational proof?"

Yet if we choose to seek with eyes of faith, the proof is there for peace of heart that surpasses all human understanding.

And that peace is good, it is very good, indeed.

May you know the peace of God through His Son, Our Savior and Lord, Jesus Christ, through the power of His Holy Spirit. Amen.


Jessica said...

The best lesson I ever took away from one of my college theology courses is that our faith journeys are cyclical, not linear. We are meant to ask questions because that is the only way we get to a deeper understanding and, therefore, a more intimate relationship with God. We ask the question, dissect all possible answers, come to our conclusion, and finally, are confronted with yet another question that springs from our new understanding. Really, though, how exciting and great is that?

Lynn said...

It is really really great! Thank you for you thoughts.