Friday, February 22, 2008

I feel the Earth Move Under My feet

I was so looking forward to the eclipse of the moon the other night. My husband and I took Cabo, our dog out for our usual evening walk only to find a cloudy overcast sky. We walked our usual moderate pace. Despite the cloud cover the evening was bright ,still and peacful. The cold air was dry and invigorating. We moved as if a treadmill was underfoot, but it was only our good hearty earth.

We sat out on the deck at around 8:30 and snuggled under down throws. Cabo is a husky and was oblivious to the cold.

The clouds moved quickly like the curtain in a theatre and revealed the spectacular astronomical show. Minute by minute the moonshadow of orange encompassed the bright full moon. At the height , the sky became alight with the beautiful stars whose light is ordinarily dimmed by the moon. We saw saturn.

As we lay we found ourselves grounded with peace and gratitude for our awsome world,
I had an apple.
He ate popcorn.
Cabo had both.
Do you suppose that's how Eden was before the bad apple?

For All Of Creation, God is good!

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