Friday, July 25, 2008

I've often wondered about moms' groups for Christian or Catholic moms. What are they like? Are they full of rosaries and prayer requests and reading bible stories and discussing how they fit into mothering a 21st century child? Or are they more like something I saw on tv yesterday.

I was at lunch at work watching a rerun of Yes, Dear. The premise was that Kim and Christine wanted the family to go to church. While at church, they found out about a men's group and pretty much forced Greg and Jimmy to join. Greg and Jimmy were surprised to find the minister leading a group that gathered to watch football and ultimate fighting. Not discuss feelings and the Bible.

It made me realize how much I myself, would like to be part of a group of moms that met like that. And also how much I would like to be a part of the other type of group, the one that does pray and have God as the focus each week.

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