Thursday, August 14, 2008


A girl I went to high school with is living in Madagascar. That is right, living in Madagascar. She and her husband are missionaries with the Assemblies of God churches. Her husband is a nurse practioner and runs a mobile clinic and they run an orphange of about 40 children. They also have two children of their own.

I pray for their safety and for those they care for. I read on a blog of hers recently that roads are so bad there they pray for angels to be with them each time they drive. There is plague in Madagascar and they have found rats in their home from time to time. There are frequent kidnappings, especially of foreign children.

I pray for them because, without people as courageous as Heather and Aaron and their kids, Isabelle and Josiah, there would not be people receiving medical care or hearing the word of God. I pray for them, because I myself am not couragous enough to leave the comfortable country I live in with my children and husband to live in a place where I know no one and don't know the language just to spread my faith.

But Heather and Aaron are examples to me of something else. They are examples that we should all be missionaries in our every day life. We should pray and read the Gospel and live the life God wants us to live so that others may see and be converted.

God Bless the Santmyire family in Madagascar and all the other brave Christian missionary families and religious brothers and sisters. May God always protect them as they spread His word.

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