Monday, June 9, 2008

God Has a Plan

Wow, it seem soooo simple, yet is so difficult to comprehend.

I often wonder why God made us humans so stubborn, so silly that we cannot accept his grace.

Free will is a gift, but it is also a responsibility.

So, I am praying to accept God's plans for us whatever they maybe. I pray a lot harder for that now that Andy is no longer on Earth. I think Andy's intercession is helping me.

Not much to report as far as life goes. We are always day to day in all of our struggles. Tomorrow will bring yet another morning of getting babies diapers changed and dressed and getting them off to school. I am really trying hard to discern what is the best way to lead our family closer to God and into lives we can accept and are happy with. It is a struggle and right now, God's answer to us is to keep going day to day. That's God's will and we are accepting it, but not without some difficulty.

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