Sunday, June 29, 2008

Welcome to the Pauline Year!!!

We are very excited about the Pauline Year starting. Imagine, Paul, such an amazing evangelizer that Roman guards were not allowed to watch him longer than 24 hours or they would be converted, was born 2000 years ago!

Yesterday, we watched the first Vespers from the Basilica of St Paul in Rome. I was touched by the ecumenical nature of the vespers, which Pope Benedict also commented on in his homily. Any and all Christians should know well the ministry of Paul spread Christianity far and wide. With brothers and sisters from the Eastern Church and Anglican church taking part in the service, it was truly showing the "catholicism" of Christianity.

I am starting the Pauline year by rereading one of my epistles, his letter to the Romans. Paul was one of the first to baptize Gentiles and it is because of this that today we have a German pope and that my Italian and Polish family is Catholic.

Paul, please pray for those of us in this world today, a world of ungodliness and secularism. Please pray we may evangelize to those whose hearts have not been opened to the word of God. Amen.

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