Saturday, January 10, 2009

It's the Guilt (duh)

Certain people I know of a certain generation hate mass, but go every week regardless.

Certain people I know of a different generation also hate mass, and NEVER go.

I was asking a member of the former group why this was and her response, "It's the Guilt!" Her face bore an expression as she said this that I can only be described by the word "duh".

She went on to explain that when she was growing up, her catechism was filled with lessons that created a great feeling of guilt among those learning them, something not done today.

Me, not being of that generation, cannot relate with stories like those.

As my friend put it, her generation celebrated the son who stayed and worked with his father and later generations celebrated the prodigal son.

Now, the lesson of the prodigal son is NOT lost on me, but I do see where many today would benefit greatly from learning the lesson from the brother who had stayed. We are not meant to purposefully stray from God, but should make EVERY effort to stay.

Maybe we need a good old dose of Catholic guilt injection in our lives!

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