Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William-- Mr. Will is growing bigger before our very eyes. He will be four months old on Monday. Unlike many moms, I will start him on cereal. I did with Joey at the same age. Due to Shelby's size I waited until 6 months with her. I enjoy exclusively breastfeeding, but as I am working now, even with pumping I am seeing a small dip in my supply. This was much more dramatic with my first two. The cereal followed by vegetables and fruits will help us much more than hurt.

Joseph-- Joey is parroting lots of words and phrases. His annunciation leaves something to be desired and as he is turning 2 later this month, I will consult with the pediatrician and see about possibly having him evaluated for speech therapy. It is not a delay but we'd like for him to be understood when he speaks.

Shelby-- Shelby will be starting pre-K soon. We have another meeting this week to finalize where. The univeral symbol associated with autism spectrum disorders is a puzzle and as we are finding, navigating both the disorder, the therapies can be quite puzzling at times. Does anyone know a patron saint of autistic people or neurological disorders?


Lynn said...

St Dymphna?

Lynn said...

Or, my vote would be for st anthony of padua- restorer of speech for the mute. Although "dated" lingo, it's communication and what we're really dealing with, right?
He's also restorer of sight to blind, which makes him a nice patron for uncle Jeff as well.