Monday, November 23, 2009

True Mom Confessions 1

I have a favorite celebrity mom. Her name: Tori Spelling.

This weekend I caught a couple of episodes of a marathon of Tori and Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood. And I learned I have this in common with Tori:

1) We named our children normal names: for me: Shelby Clare, Joseph Patrick and William Christopher; for Tori: Liam Aaron and Stella Doreen.

2) We both felt after our first two children (one a boy and one a girl) that our family was not yet complete and wanted more children despite the world at large telling us we have the perfect set-up.

3) We both love creating the tradition of a family dinner.

4) We both fold our own laundry (gasp!).

5) We both enjoy creating family time.

6) Both of our sons are in love with the movie Cars.

7) We both see family as the #1 priority.

8) We both have incredibly stubborn husbands

9) We are both writers.

10) We both view many of our close friends as family in a very special way.

Now, obviously, some of those many women have in common and obviously there are some differences in our lives, but to me, Tori is a real "Mom." She juggles how to balance work and raising her kids. She struggles to balance life as a mom and life as a wife. I love watching her not for the Hollywood factor, but the mom factor. Watching her teach her son to brush his teeth, that sort of thing.

So, yes, I am truly feeling the sisterhood of mommy with one Victoria Davie Spelling McDermott.

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