Monday, November 23, 2009

Tiny Treasures: Thanksgiving Edition

Will: I am thankful for your sweet dimples and big smile. For your laughter, your insistance that you will crawl, your demands that your brother's cars go into your mouth.

Joey: I am thankful for your obsession with cars and dogs. Your ability to "accessorize," your absolute belief that every bald man is your father and every woman with dark hair is mama, the kisses you give your brother, the wrestling you do with your sister, the way you love to snuggle in Mama and Daddy's bed but know you want to sleep in your own, the fact that you imitate, evey when it gets Mama in trouble.

Shelby: I am thankful that you accept life and puzzle it out in your own way. That you trust us absolutely even though Daddy and I often have no idea what we are doing. That you jump ecstatically for Elmo and Spongebob but can accept Cars or Ratatoiulle if Joey insists. That you jump on the bed and rub the baby's feet when he is upset.

I am thankful God has allowed me to be part of your lives and trusted me with the responsibility to raise you as children of God.

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