Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tiny Treasure Tuesday

William--Little man is cutting two teeth on the bottom and it is no laughing matter. It's, in fact, very much a crying one. And where are the Zwieback toast? We can't find them anywhere for a kid who loves these kinds of biscuits! He has pushed up on his hands and knees a few times and scoots on his tummy fairly well these days. He has a big brother to catch up to and he's working to catch up!

Joseph--Joey has recently started saying book (as book-ee for some reason) and has started that toddler phase of repeating EVERYTHING. So when Mommy dropped a pan on her foot and some less than Christian things came out of her mouth, they came out of his mouth too. He loved our trip last weekend to Atlantic Beack/Emerald Isle. He did very well with holding my hand in parking lots and walking independently but staying close by. He's changing right in front of my eyes!

Shelby--Shelby LOVES school. She can't wait to put her bookbag on and get in the car with Daddy to go. They are making great progress with object exchange during meal time as a way to communicate her needs as well as with pulling her pants up and down to sit on the potty (still not "going" on the potty but steps in the right direction). Shelby loves her teachers especially Miss Krysta, the lead teacher, who just graduated from college and is young. Shelby's other teacher, Miss Cheryl, is so calm, nothing phases this mom of teens who has worked in classrooms like Shelby's for eleven years. When I mention that Shelby was being very self-directed and not minding at home, Miss Cheryl knows it's just a phase! Miss Mary, the speech therapist, is steadily getting into Shelby's good graces but is a wonderful and patient woman who is a long way from giving up! Miss Michele, Shelby's OT, is also slowly finding ways to engage Shelby. We are so thankful to have this wonderful support system for her!

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