Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sheep in Wolf's Clothing

Have you ever been caught up in a wave. Something that seemed great and rewarding and good for you soul, only to be let down?

It's even worse when someone is trying to use faith to let you down like that.

Years ago, several of the Catholic members of my family were swept up in the Left Behind book series. Before LB had become popular, I had read Bud MacFarlane's Pierced by A Sword series and was moved. So, I was considering the books too, at the end of my semester when I didn't have so many school books to read. Then, just as I was ready to pick up LB, I came across some interesting information. Tim LaHaye, co-writer of the series, is anti-Catholic. In his own words from his 1973 book Revelation Illustrated and Made Plain, he writes "(the Catholic church) is more dangerous than no religion because she substitutes religion for truth." I was shocked and angered. How dare he claim to be saving people when he had this type of falsehood in his doctrine? And there is supposed to be a leader of people in the apocalypse who looks and talks well but is evil, well to me, this might as well fit the bill. One member of my family was somewhat dismissive of my anger, which made me extremely sad. I did find it interesting how some other members of my family showed waning interest in the series of books as they wore on and did not make it to final book in which it is never outright said if the Pope was raptured or not. I am not as angered now as sad that people like Mr. LaHaye use Christianity to divide us. I am sad that impressionable people may be getting the dead wrong image of the church.

But mostly I am more aware that among some of the flock, there are wolves who are biding their time and waiting for oppurtunity to destroy it from within.

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Kristi said...

I never read the series. But, I can see how someone could get wrapped up in a series....then something like that would be a slap in the face.