Monday, December 21, 2009

Tiny Treasures-Merry Christmas Edition

William--We are up on all fours and rocking back and forth now. We are also doing the slug scoot on the tummy. Crawling is sure to be right around the corner! How can this be that he is almost eight months already. He is holding his own now when Joey takes toys, but big brother usually still wins. We are also seeing an increased interest in the dogs. It is too early to tell if this is good or bad.

Joseph--Joey told me today that Shelby was kicking. She wasn't, he was. Kicking is a new word, that is good. Tattle-taling and lying, not so much. He also practiced sitting on the potty, but still no action there for him. He loves our garage so this week has been tough as he has not been allowed access while Christmas presents are afoot. He is, however, expanding his movie viewing horizons. New favorites are "MoMo" (aka Finding Nemo) and Toy Story. He also loves Shelby's new baby doll. He carries it around like a baby and tried giving it the real baby's bottle. The real baby was not amused.

Shelby--Shelby is enjoying a week off from school. She signed "more" three times during her class Christmas party last Thursday and was a real trooper for her H1N1 booster and seasonal flu mist. The Santa from the Sertoma club in Wilmington brought each of the children at Shelby's school a present and she got a baby doll. She is showing a lot of interest in dressing and undressing him (he came dressed all in blue, so we're assuming it's a boy). Shelby is making considerable progress with hand washing and I'm hoping we can get her started with tooth brushing soon. The daily wrestling match rarely results in any teeth being brushed. Here's to hoping 2010 will bring progress in this area!

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