Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Tiny Treasures

William- Will went back to the doctor today for a follow-up appointment after his procedure. While he was fully healed from that, turns out he has his first ear infection. He had not been fussy almost at all beyond the normal when he wants to eat and gets tired. In fact, my in-laws commented this weekend they had never seen a happier baby. He enjoyed Christmas morning immensely, especially the wrapping paper.

Joseph--Joey made a new friend. His name is Chance and he jumps and barks and tugs. Chance was being puppy-sitted for by Uncle Ben who brought him to Gigi and Papa's house for Christmas. Joey especially enjoyed taking all of Chance's toys away from him and putting them up (he's never seen anyone take a toy away from a dog and put it up high lol). His big gift of a basketball goal turned out to be a little too big but we'll hope he grows into it. His funniest Christmas day moment, finding the mother-lode of bags of leftover Christmas candy at his grandparents house and proclaiming, "Oh WOW!"

Shelby--Shelby enjoyed Christmas quite a bit this year. She got a doll house similar to the one she plays with at school and really plays well with it at home too. Her Nan and Poppy got her a portable DVD player which is truly a Godsend! She really engaged all of her family members this holiday season which is wonderful for us to see and them to experience.


Colleen said...

Just found your blog...and I love that crafty/pregnant picture. Mind if I borrow it?

Kristen said...

Please do! I actually borrowed it myself!

Kristi said...

It is sooo nice when kids start engaging with others outside the family. Its such a huge step:)

I saw back a few weeks ago you mentioned Chanukah. Do you celebrate Chanukah? I have read a few places that since we are of a Judeo-Christian background we should celebrate along with the Jewish people. Anyway, I was just wondering.

Enjoy the rest of the Christmas holiday.

Kristen said...

As of yet, we do not fully celebrate, however, we are on the hunt for an electric menorah to celebrate next year. We feel it is important to teach our children about the roots of Christianity and celebrate what was truly an act of faith in God both that the Maccabee brothers defeated their opponents and that the oil lasted seven days and eight nights. We will probably teach the kids the dreidel game and partake of latkes and jelly doughnuts but don't know about all of the gift giving. We will probably do smaller gifts if any. Our baby's favorite song right now is the Dreidel song :).

Thanks for asking!

Kristi said...

That is so cool! I havent read a lot about it. But, I totally understand why Christians would celebrate.