Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tiny Treasures~ Miracles Edition

William- Yesterday Will was seven months old. Last Thursday I arrived home from work to find out that Will had, since waking, refused to eat, thrown up bile and had blood in his stool. I turned right around and went to the pediatrician. My worst fear was confirmed: bowel obstruction. We were admitted to our local hospital for him to be stabilized and receive IV fluids and then Will was airlifted to UNC-Chapel Hill Children's Hospital. I followed by car. Once there, Will was given an enema of air that straightened his intestines out. My normally cheerful, talkative baby had mostly slept and just been lying still. Once the obstruction ceased, his personality and vigor returned! We stayed overnight for observation, and were released the next day. Prayers for protection from St Nicholas, St Christopher, Our Lady of Guadalupe and our family patron The Infant of Prague, were answered. Will is home recovering beautifully now.

Joseph- Joey is really into terrorizing his baby brother. Will loves Joey's colorful hotwheels cars and Joey knows it. So, what's a big brother to do but pretend to give them to the baby and just when his little fist closes pull it away and say, "no, no, no!" We are really trying to discourage this, despite knowing it's normal. Joey still gives Will kisses good night though, so we are hopeful this phase is short lived.

Shelby- The wrestler. This little girl comes up behind Joey and grabs him by the waist and pins him to the ground. (To be fair, he started doing it to her first.) It is their favorite way to play and it is nice to see them interacting, just hoping it doesn't dissolve into fighting...

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