Monday, March 1, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William-- The baby is growing up. This weekend he started pulling himself up to stand and he is wanting to walk when we hold both hands over his head. He is, officially, into everything now! He is also starting to climb which, as I remember with my first two, is more terrifying than the walking. Next Sunday he will be ten months old and we are starting to slowly wean him off formula. So far, so good.

Joseph-- How do you know you have a sophisticated two-year-old wise beyond his years? He rapidly graduates from Disney Pixar movies to Napoleon Dynamite. Yes, you read that correctly. Joey's new favorite flick is the story of a high school misfit whose best friends are a recent immigrant from Mexico with his heart set on being class president and a girl who worships 80's fashion and produces her own "Glamour Shots." Honestly though, if there was a movie for a more, "mature" audience he would like, this one is not bad. No profanity, nudity, sex or violence. And it shows that sometimes being an oddball works. In other news, Joey's vocabulary is exploding at a record rate and one of his new words: "spatula" (thank you Spongebob!).

Shelby-- Still a gigglefest with this girl. She made us laugh last week when we offered her cauliflower and she carefully picked up the steaming piece off her plate and deposited it on her Daddy's plate. Can't blame her for honesty! She is full of kisses for her teacher, Miss Krysta and her OT Miss Michelle. She is also still sitting on the potty although still no repeat success. As summer comes, we hope to transition her to big girl panties and hope that helps the process a bit.

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