Monday, March 8, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William- My big boy is 10 months old. He is pulling up to stand more and more often now and prefers standing to sitting. He is just starting to cruise a bit, we'll see if that catches on. He also found another food he likes, black-eyed peas. Daddy made them for me the other night and he tried a few and is hooked! We are still transitioning to whole milk, it's more of a process than with the first two, but we'll get there.

Joseph- "I love you," "I love him," the precious words of a two-year-old to and about his baby brother. I'll just leave you with that thought.

Shelby- Shelby is signing milk more and more at the table in addition to more. She is doing very well in school still. Last Friday was Dr. Suess day at school and she got to wear pajamas. They had special snack and movie time. She really enjoyed the fun, if different day. Shelby is asking for prayers for one of her speech therapists, Sue, who will be having neck and back surgery around the end of this month to correct an injury from an accident last summer. Please pray that God holds Miss Sue and her family in His hands during this difficult time and helps Miss Sue make a full recovery!

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