Tuesday, January 9, 2007

St. Monica's Bridge

St Monica's Bridge is founded on the premise that all women of Faith seek and desire Heaven. Mothers of faith desire Heaven for their children as well. We all love our children and we all desire for them well being on Earth, and Joy for Eternity.

Over the years I have encountered (and been a part of) many exclusive groups among Catholic parents. The home schoolers, the Catholic schoolers, the public schoolers, the working moms , the stay at home moms, the cry room advocates, the cry room opponents etc- you get the point. In attempts to seek support, individuals unite to form alliances that can sometimes divide and alienate.

As a woman of faith I believe that he only clear cut map to Heaven is revealed by the grace of God. I have found that over the years, my smoothest paths during times of trial have been led by God. When I place before God my prayer of discernment and desire for His will I have discovered that by grace, the path is made straight and peace prevails in my spirit. When I forget God, chaos and anxiety abound. I try hard to pray for my children unceasingly. I ask God for guidance on their behalf. In matters which I have placed my faith and trust in my Savior before all else, He has never failed me. I am a sinner and have certainly made mistakes. Each mistake has occurred with the absence of God before me as a result of my failure to remember.

I trust in the prayers of other faithful mothers as well. I see no value in contemplating or judging their circumstances or decisions. I pray that God guides all mothers on their journeys and I pray for their steadfast faith. I seek strength in union with the prayers of Mary, mother of God, St. Monica and St Anne. (I wonder what the church people said about them:)

St. Monica's bridge is that thread that connects us. It rises above the waters of our differences and recognizes that God loves us all. He created a beautiful and diverse world. As mothers he has entrusted us with his most precious gift- life. It's a funny thing about this world's life- they can't create it on their own in the lab, and they can't stop it from ending.

God's only request is our love. He dressed Himself in a cloak of humanity and showed us how. He walked the walk and talked the talk. He gave us the star to follow. Let us together pack up our children in prayer and journey together toward our own epiphany where we will stand face to face with God.

O Morning Star, lead us onward to Heaven.

May God guide your path in the Year of Our Lord Two Thousand Seven. Amen


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