Sunday, August 19, 2007


From the first advertisement I knew that I wanted to see BODIES -The Exhibition. Mike, my husband, was not as enthused. I'm a nurse and he's squeamish. I was going- with or without him. In the end he decided to give it a try.

The exhibition was extraordinary. No matter how much anatomy and physiology I study and learn, I remain in total awe of the miracle of life. Under preservation, the specimens were not gory at all. Mike carefully read each and every caption. A shiver went through my body at the sight of a display of the cranial and spinal nerves intact and isolated.

I gave reverence to each specimen out of respect for the soul that they once housed. I pondered who they might have been. They were people. They got up in the morning, did their thing, and went to sleep at night- unless they worked the night shift. They were people like me with everyday lives. Some of them smoked, their lungs were black.

These people donated their remains to science that others might learn.

At the end of the exhibition Mike turned to me an said, "It's really amazing, so much has to go right. It's a miracle that we..... live.."

Indeed it is. With God all things are possible, especially life.

God Bless those souls who chose to display their earthen vessels in the wake of death as an illustration to the living of the miracle of life.

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