Saturday, August 4, 2007


We have been given a date for our son to arrive. September 21, 2007. And a time 9:30 am.

So now we are waiting.

And preparing.

And getting nervous.

And praying.

God makes us wait for any number of things. 40 weeks to have a baby. 365 days for Christmas. 16 years to get a driver's license. But it's those imprecise waits that really get to us.

How long before I meet my spouse? When will a new job open up that is right for me?

I remember reading a Joy Note from Sister Patricia once that stated her frustration that God created a desire to do so many things, but she could not accomplish them all at once. It was then that she reflected on how we want to operate on "our"time while God operates on His own time.

The date and time we were given is the longest we will have to wait to meet our son. If God's time is sooner than that, we accept that. And honestly what choice to do we have? Still there is a calm in knowing it is all under control, although out of our control.

This past week as we saw the tragedy unfold in Minnesota, we were reminded that we know not the day or hour when our Lord will come. Only that we must be ready. And that is what we are all waiting for.

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