Friday, November 7, 2008

Michael Has Gone for a Soldier.

Or in this case, a marine.
He is my son.
He is a grown, educated man who wants to serve his country.
He attended college and earned a Bachelor of Science degree.
He spent a few years in the workforce.
When his most recent job came to an end due to cutbacks,
he saw it as an opportunity to pursue what he had always wanted to do.
Become a United States Marine.
In another year, it would be too late.
He told his father and I that he did not wish to look back with regret.
Today he is a recruit in training at Parris Island,SC.
After weeks of anxiousness and concern,
and with several weeks of basic training still ahead,
I am left feeling...
Lord, be with Michael on this journey.
St. Michael , Pray for us.

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