Monday, November 10, 2008


Shelby Clare made a major breakthrough. She peed on the potty last night! Now for various reasons we are taking a fairly laissez-faire approach to potty training with her. So far, we have placed her potty in her room and allowed both her and Joey to play with it and be comfortable with it. At the advice of her therapists we are not having a "big potty training talk," and we have an Elmo video about potty training which it turns out Shelby, despite loving Elmo, loathes. So, after her bath, I dried Shelby off, and walked her to her room. I decided to wait a minute on her diaper, and sat her on the potty. I sang her some songs and had no expectations other than to make Shelby happy and have her sit on the potty for a few minutes. When she was ready to get up something caught my eye. Whether she realized it, Shelby used the potty the way it was meant to be used! Her Daddy and I praised her and I cleaned the potty. We realize this doesn't mean Shelby will be trained any time in the near future and that this early victory may be accompanied by setbacks and possibly no further developments for sometime, but, for the moment, we are basking in the proud parental glow!

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