Thursday, June 18, 2009

Small Successes


1)Ok, it was two Saturdays ago now, but I missed last week, we got baby Will christened. He was one of eight at the service and did well considering!

2)Jeff and I have started a daily fitness routine. Ok, it's walking, nothing special, but we are feeling the burn!

3)I have been helping Jeff with his class reunion plans. The two guys who are heading up the reunion committee have never planned anything more elaborate than byob barbecues and are overwhelmed, so Jeff, with his chef and event background has stepped in to help which means I am helping too mostly with emailing locations and checking with people who know they want to attend to see when next year is good for them to travel. This goes against all my class reunion feelings, but it makes my husband happy, so I'm trying!

4) (I'm on a roll here) We are trying new recipes and new meals! We still have our standbys but are loving a few new things we have been emboldened to try!

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Lerin said...

Walking IS a fitness routine... Good for you! :)