Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

So, I'm stealing from Lerin here!

William---my big boy! He is getting so long I can barely wear him in the snugli now or any other baby wearing contraption. Unfortunately he is suffering from colic as well whenever we give him a bottle of breastmilk. I purchased some Playtex nurser bottles as a last resort. We hope they work!

Joseph--is a friend to the animals. We have some birds that made a nest in a small tree in our backyard and now have babies. Joey chases our bird dog Charlie away from the tree. Charlie is not going after the nest, but he makes the mama a nervous wreck!

Shelby--our big girl has a speech evaluation with the school system tomorrow for her to start Pre-K and sadly, her current speech therapist is moving across the country so in the mean time we will start with a new one!

Very short today, but I'm excited to get to post SOMETHING!

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Lerin said...

I'm esxcited you got something too! :) And doubly excited that you posted Tiny Treasure Tuesday and gave me a link. :)

I just added a Mr Linky to my blog and put you on it for the Tiny Treasures posts. Maybe I'll give you some extra traffic.

Also, Lucy has seemed colicky as well for the last three days. Margaret in Minnesota posted that HER baby boy was also being a "fussypot." Something in the air, I think!!