Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Okay, stealing again from Violinmama this time! Here are five things I am very thankful for this week. Now, the rules don't state they have to be profound, so not everything is!

1) Will is getting a more normal nighttime sleep routine. Which is awesome because it means we get to walk before it gets too hot and I have more energy both from sleep and walking to keep up with the toddlers!

2) After some personal drama last week, I have found out not only that I married a man who loves me, but respects me, my feelings and our kids. And much more than I could ever have known. I cannot put a value on that and know it was a gift from God.

3) I have found time to start blogging more regularly again. I don't know how or why, and I don't ask! I'm just grateful!

4) I had one super-productive cleaning day out of this week. I know, it was just one, but man did it feel good!

5) I (unlike some others in my family who shall remain nameless) did not forget Father's Day. We didn't do cards this year. We shared a day together and fun meals at home with the exception of running out to McDonald's for a quick Father's Day lunch (I know, we're vying for a spot on the most posh family list). Part of the Father's Day gift this year was letting Daddy know that about his Father's Day/Birthday present for next year here! Hopefully he will have as much fun with our kids as he did as a kid there.


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