Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday volume 3

William--Will is a cooing machine! And he especially loves talking to his big brother Joey. He is following our movements and voices even more and our dogs as well. And he has rolled over exactly one time in his crib. That might have been a fluke though. Big two month check-up tomorrow. Lots of shots.

Joseph--Joey is Mr Conversation although we don't understand most of it. He is trying to say Will or William and loves talking to and about "da-b" as he calls "the baby." We are still working on nice hands. Yesterday for Shelby's birthday we started talking about using nice hands long before the need was present and it seemed to work.

Shelby--Big girl is 3!!! She starts with a new speech therapist today. We are so excited for our big girl. She did very well at the NC 4th of July festival but we weren't able to stay for the parade. Maybe next year!

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Lerin said...

I LOVE the way you're doing Tiny Treasure with me now!!

Will's cooing sounds adorable... I can't wait til Lucy starts!

Telling Joey to use "nice hands" is a great phrase. Why haven't I thought of that yet? ;)

And another Happy Birthday to Shelby. Glad she had fun at the parade. :)