Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Word-FULL Wednesdays volume 3 part 1

So, yesterday, in case you missed it on ALL the major networks, was Michael Jackson's memorial service for the public. I really wanted to stand on my roof and yell, "ENOUGH ALREADY!" but Jeff wanted to watch, so I grudgingly went along with watching it.

I pretty much could predict all that was going on until the end. I was moved by Jermaine and Marlon's brief but heartfelt eulogies but I broke down in tears as Paris-Michael Katherine gave her loving and brief expression of grief at the loss of her father.

Jeff and I marveled at her beauty and her poise under such a horrible time in her short life. I was struck that this child that her father had protected so vigilantly her entire life chose in his death to publically show her face and share her feelings and an insight into her world. Much like Bindi Irwin, Paris made us know her father's love for her through her love of him. As she collapsed into her Aunt Janet's arms, I found myself praying for her peace in a time of such upheaval.

I did not get the magic look into Jackson's life that would show him to be more like me than different, but I did find confirmation that he did want what was best for his children and that love for them, was the center of his life.