Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William--Mr Will is having a slightly stuffy nose. Bring on the saline nose drops! Which he hates, but he tolerates. Lots of smiles and very alert. He is starting to sleep more at night...we're routinely seeing six hour stretches now.

Joseph--Joey is a biting machine :(. Last week he bit Shelby twice in one day and then Jeff. We are hoping this is a short lived phase for little JAWS. His teeth have been bothering him, he is an agonizingly slow teether and refuses teething gels or teethers. We don't want to overdo the ibuprofen either. On the upside, he is still in love with his little "bee-da" (his word for baby now) brother. If Will is fussing in his bouncy seat, Joey is bouncing him gently. If Will is nursing, Joey is gently rubbing his head. If Will is cheerfully enjoying his infant gym, Joey is lying next to him pointing to the different things. We are truly hopeful that they are best friend big brothers!

Shelby--The self-potty training continues! Today she pooped on her potty but not in it...so progress. We keep her in overalls most of the time to minimize accidents that we find out about later! Shelby has continued working with her new speech therapist. She really enjoys the sessions. She is also starting to engage with Will. She is making eye contact with him which is huge. Hopefully this will be on an increasing trajectory.

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