Monday, October 5, 2009

The Photo Album Alternative

Last year I went on a "playdate" on the way to my parents at a friend's house who has two boys, one six months older than Shelby the other 3 months younger than Joey. I was newly pregnant with Will at the time. I was in envy of how "picked up" her house seemed but mostly with a small project she had completed.

On the wall of her playroom was a family picture poster where she had pictures of family members' faces so that her boys would learn the names.

A year later I am doing the same. We have pictures in frames in the hallway. For the reason that there is glass associated, they are not kid friendly. Shelby's shredding has made photo albums impossible. So I am getting around to doing this. With a twist.

Several of our friends live across the country and we rarely get to see them. So a chunk of our posters (yes there is more than one, I have a large family, remember) will be friends who we consider to be family especially to Jeff. I have printed off pictures mainly from facebook with the owners' permission. I'm nowhere near done and already Joey is learning names. I don't want the few occasions we meet with these people to be full of Joey figuring out who they are. So, in the boys' bedroom we are posting these so Joey will know this is "Aunt Sherri" or "Uncle Daryl" when he sees them and just go about the business of visiting.

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mum2twelve said...

Neat idea - posters of family pics & names! Thanks for stopping by mum2twelve and welcoming Alexander into the world with us! :)