Friday, February 27, 2009

Feasting and Fasting

I got one of those little black books for Lent at mass on Wednesday. Today's reflection was especially moving to me. It talked about how on the Sundays of Lent (not official days of Lent) we should find a way to feast in the midst of our fast.

I have always struggled with the idea that Lent is a joyful and not sorrowful time. I mean, it's not hard to fall into that trap what with giving things up, starting it by getting your forehead smudged with a cross made of ashes, and then that little matter of Good Friday right after Lent ends.

This Wednesday, I listened again as our priest described Lent as a time of joy and wondered how I would make Lent a joyful time for me, as well as a time of contemplation and fasting and almsgiving.

So today, when I opened to my little black book's reflection, there it was. Feast on Sundays. Feast amidst the fasting. If you have decided to give something up, allow it to yourself that day. Embrace the day with all the blessings God has given you. Approach the day with love for all around you.

And then, I also realized a joy I had allowed myself this Lent. Posting daily a reading from the day. It is with joy I share the reading of the day that has touched my heart. It is with joy that I know at least two readers are following this and have told me are so far enjoying it (I will post on Sundays as well, although they are not days of Lent).

So, how will you feast during our time of fasting?

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Karen said...

Hmm, I'm not sure how I'll "feast" on Sundays. I haven't given up any particular food, but maybe I'll take some extra time to cook delicious, homemade meals for myself and the kids. Steve is unfortunately having to work the next few Sundays so we can't even spend them together. Perhaps I'll invite my parents to spend the day together, eating and being merry. :)