Saturday, February 21, 2009

The Lord of Miracles

Today we received a beautiful rosary for Joey from our friend Jenny in Ontario. Jenny traveled this winter to Lima, Peru and purchased a rosary for The Lord of Miracles and had it been blessed by a priest in the church of The Lord of Miracles.

As I discussed yesterday, saying the rosary during Lent is a major part of the six weeks for me. Shelby has a rosary that belonged to my great-grandmother, but Joey didn't have one. So when Jenny offered to send one free of charge, I jumped. She also sent a saint card for Saint Rose of Lima with it and a St. Rose of Lima chaplet, totally a surprise! Now, my children aren't permitted to "use" or play with these rosaries. I have plastic ones that were free for them to "use" now (they aren't allowed to play with those either).

I had forgotten that although The Lord of Miracles was painted in Lima, it was painted by an anonymous Angolan artist who was a slave in Lima. How appropriate we receive this rosary while I am learning about Our Lady of Kibeho who appeared on the other side of the African continent!

As we approach the lenten season may Our Lady of Kibeho and The Lord of Miracles pray for us!

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