Thursday, January 21, 2010

Anniversary of Death

So, one more year has gone by, and what have we done?

Not enough, once again. And as if abortion still being legal was not enough of failure, we (pro-lifers and conservatives) have let a senate election in Massachussetts eclipse our cause in media coverage. The one time of year the liberal media outlets will actually listen to us and give us equal airtime...and we let it slip away. And even Fox News has given us less of a voice. Quite frankly, I am disgusted with the events of the last week. No doubt I am happy there is not another Kennedyesque cariacature in the Senate. I am glad that the current health care reform bill may fail (although I believe we do need a better system, I am against it happening in this form). But I am angry at people I know and know of who abandoned the pro-life cause this week to campaign for a senator...WHO IS NOT EVEN IN THEIR STATE!!!!

As we recognize the anniversary of death, let us all resolve to not let our pursuit of letting people know that ALL human life is valuable and deserves the right to be protected. Especially that of the most innocent.

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