Monday, January 4, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

Willam- Mr. Will is cutting teeth. Lots of them. He's a pretty happy teether for the most part, for which I am grateful. Sure, he has his moments, but overall he's a happy boy. It's a good thing these teeth are coming in fast because he is desperate to eat real food. Not baby food, the stuff the big kids are eating. He got ahold of a partially eaten apple the other day and gnawed away. At least it was that and not a cookie! He is really on the go and quite fast now too. But, hey, if you had a brother and sister to keep up with you would be too.

Joseph- Joey got a haircut. Let me rephrase, Joey got a buzzcut. He is very cute, but of course, after we do it, we get record low temps! The seventies, long, I-look-like-a-girl locks are gone, but the cuteness is still there. Joey also got the chance to admonish his grandmother and great-grandmother this weekend. While he and Will were taking a bath together at Gigi's house, Great-Grandma didn't know Will is still prone to tipping over when sitting and when he did and went under for a brief second, Joey yelled, "Who's watching him!" (because, again, he's NEVER heard an adult say that before).

Shelby- Shelby went back to school yesterday. Her daily report said she had a great day. She seemed very excited to break out of the house especially since the cold weather keeps everyone indoors. The change in scenery and faces, I'm sure was quite welcome for her! We hope this week continues on a positive path.

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