Monday, January 11, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William- could this little guy be any cuter? He has FOUR teeth coming in up top right now (in addition to the two already erupted on the bottom). He giggles and laughs constantly and loves to play peek-a-boo with his brother Joey.

Joseph- My Joey laugh for the week. I ask Joey if he wants to watch Mo-Mo (Finding Nemo) to which he replies, "no!" So then I turn to Shelby and ask if she wants to watch Spongebob to which Joey replies, "no!" Then, in every mother's moment of exasperation, I say, "Joey I wasn't asking you, I was asking Shelby (I had said her name when I asked her), is your name Shelby?" To which he replied, "no!" Joey's new year's resolution is to start sharing more. He could start by not ripping a toy out of his brother or sister's hands and telling them, "mine." Inch by inch, row by row...slowly but surely!

Shelby- Shelby is working very hard in her speech therapy. She has also learned how to unzip zippers. No pocketbook is safe! She continues to enjoy school and hate naps at home.

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