Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William-- I swear, never was there a baby who laughed so much or so easily. Will is eager to catch up to his brother and sister and at the rate he's going it will happen soon! He is pretty fast as a crawler and loves games of peek-a-boo with Joey. He is also happy to see DJ Lance open up that boombox on Yo Gabba Gabba. The kids don't see that show often, but for some reason it's a real giggle fest for Will. He is also testing out his new chompers (4 on top, two on the bottom) on EVERYTHING. Too bad he's a bit too young to get the "No Biting Friends" song on YGG.

Joseph-- Joey is now crazy about Toy Story. Even more so now that he has figured out how to work the 9 inch portable DVD player his grandparents got the kids for Christmas. He calls the movie "Buzz" after Buzz Lightyear. So now we have "Dor-dees" (Cars), "Dee-dahs" (101 Dalmatians), "Momo" (Finding Nemo), and "Buzz" in case you are keeping score at home! He is now saying "backpack" and "map" which he learned from Dora and "choc-o-latte" (spelling the way he says it)the Spanish word for chocolate. He learned that one from guess-who? Dora! as well.

Shelby-- Shelby is having a rough winter. Being that we have been having record cold temps and it's been very dry (this week is the exception)her eczema is acting up. Thank you God for elodel cream. I don't know what we did before it. She is lathered up every morning and night in baby oil and lotion and also an appliction of the cream once a day. I will say this, for itching so much, she is rare to act like it hurts her like we know it does. She is more interested in jumping on the trampoline or since the weather has been nice the last few days going outside to investigate.

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Kristi said...

Excema is awful. My daughters has gotten a lot better over the years.....but, there were some rough years with it.

My kids liked Yo Gabba Gabba but, we downsized our cable package. They havent noticed it is gone yet...... :D I actually kind of miss that show. But, Im glad I never have to see Wow Wow Wubzy again:D My dh let them watch that show.....what a waste of time.