Thursday, April 22, 2010

Seven Quick Takes

1) I am nervous for Jeff taking his Praxis II in Family and Consumer Science this Saturday. It will make him more marketable for sure. No, he doesn't sew or do interior design (although those will be on the exam) he can teach agriculture and the food portions well. I really, really hope he passes!!!! For me it is more stressful than when he was taking the exam for elementary education certification for some reason.
2) Lately I am having the strangest dreams. Like that a I work at HT but it's a very strange HT and the sell things like dead rats because people in some parts of the world eat those. My friend Lea worked with me in the dream and people kept walking off without paying us while we were ringing them up and they wouldn't let us go on breaks. I blame this dream and other stranges ones on giving up soda. Yeah, that's what's causing them!
3) I am, I have discovered, hopelessly addicted to some television shows. These include: King of the Hill, Law and Order: SVU, Snapped, America's Next Top Model, and Deadliest Catch. I missed out on the Desparate Housewives, LOST and 24 addictions, but I kinda like mine better.
4) Today is a special little guy's birthday! Our friend Julie's grandson Dylan turns 2. We've never met in person, but thanks to a little invention called facebook, we have seen many pictures of this little guy and I just want to hug and squeeze him! He looks like Shelby and Will in coloration but I can tell in the pictures he is Joey's little twin in personality and adventureness. I hope one day the boys can get together and play as I think they would love each other.
5) I am seriously excited to meet Paula and Scott's little frijolito in September! Ryan already has so many people who love him and for me, that is the most exciting part of being pregnant or having a close friend be pregnant. Seeing the love that a person who we haven't ever seen can generate is freaking amazing!
6) I love it when my kids want to snuggle. Of course I tend to fall asleep and that is not allowed! Joey will pry my eyes open and say ,"No seeping Mama! No seeping!"
7) It is hard to believe, but southeastern NC is actually enjoying a spring this year. Normally we go from bitter cold winter straight to 90 degree days, but the past couple of weeks have been upper 40s at night and low 70s during the day.
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