Friday, April 30, 2010

Quick Takes Friday

1) I got all my kids to eat spaghetti last night. Well, the baby's noodles had no sauce, but I'm still counting it!
2) I get a 3 day weekend next weekend...but I have to work this Saturday night. I am praying it goes quickly and painlessly!
3) I am at a loss how in one week I will have a one-year-old. Completely at a loss
4) Overheard this week:
Me: Joey did you poop?
Joey: No poop mama
Me: Joey did you pee?
Joey (getting slightly exasperated): No pee-pee Mama!
Me: Are you sure?
Joey (smiling): not sure!
5) I have found I like sleeping in a really cold bedroom....really cold. With lots of blankets on me. I don't know why, I just DO!
6) I fully blame my best friend Paula (and Joey's Godmother) but baby fever is sweeping our house. As evidence this exchange:
Joey: Mama, want baby brother AND baby sister THIS YEAR!
Me: Joey, you might get a baby brother OR a baby sister MAYBE NEXT YEAR....
7) Speaking of babies: congratulations to Allon and Jess on Baby Laya born this week!
Wow, those were quick!

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kate said...

#1--My baby would not tolerate being left out of the pasta revolution. He could tell all that red and yellow were YUMMY, even if he WAS only 9 months old. He wasn't going to eat anything else if he couldn't have tomato sauce! Being the third, I sighed, shrugged, and gave him a bite, thinking, Ah, well, we'll see how it goes. Never had a moment's trouble. In fact, he had everything he wasn't supposed to before the 1 year mark except honey and peanut butter. :)

That is a terrific icon of St. Monica! I was just reflecting on Sunday as I looked over the pew at the saint books open before us, how we are so white-centric with our saints' images, and how that needs to change.