Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tiny Treasures Tuesday

William-- In 3 weeks, he will be 1. How this year has passed so quickly. He is a little machine and into everyone else's business. Let me try and change a diaper that is not his and he's in my face. He is big into smiling still and molars are coming in now. Oh the agony! But he is handling quite a bit of food, all of it real. We are working hard on a sippy cup. Hoping he gets it quick.

Joseph-- So (and Jen, don't throw something at me all the way in China for this) Joey is big into repeating things, and so we wanted him to say something on the phone to his Uncle Max (who stopped a puck with his chin and required seventeen stitches to close it up) to cheer him up. The phrase I taught him, "Sidney Crosby is a girl." Max is a huge Washington Capitals fan, so I figured that would make him proud. And boy did it ever. Joey thinks all forwards in the NHL are "Wayne Grecky" and goalies are either "Patrick Roy" (which like a good little French Canadian--NOT-- he says correctly) or "I-ann Milla." We are working on manners now as well which has the funny result of Joey saying "Thank you, you're welcome" whenever we give him something.

Shelby-- Would you believe the one unrolling the new roll of toilet paper wasn't the child who loves repetitive behaviors? Shelby resisted when her brother brought her a roll to undo (he handed it to the baby who was thrilled). We got her school progress report yesterday which shows her greatest growth is social and self-help skills with progress in speech and fine motor skills. She loves school so much that yesterday when she got her pants dirty before leaving and I had to take her shoes off to change them, she started crying thinking she wasn't going to get to go.

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